DIYTableLegs was born out of a deep love of woodworking and of the woodworkers across America who operate small furniture businesses. In today’s throwaway culture, it’s no surprise that the majority of our furniture is mass-produced–and that it falls apart after a few years.

Filling a house with beautiful, handmade furniture is a luxury most cannot afford. We get that. That’s why we strive to make heirloom-quality furniture more accessible and more affordable.

Equally important is our desire to help small furniture businesses and individual makers succeed by working directly with them, rather than with factories. Each piece of wooden furniture that we feature has been handcrafted by an individual maker and bears their signature and the date it was crafted.

Through regularly published guides, resources, and updates on industry trends, we also provide woodworkers of all stripes and skill levels with the knowledge they need to bring their next projects to life.

Our Process

Our furniture isn’t made in a warehouse. It’s not made overseas. We don’t use room-sized industrial machines that turn a log into a table at the push of a button. Instead, we find and coordinate with seasoned woodworkers all over the United States who use traditional techniques and their intimate knowledge and love of the craft to deliver a truly handmade product.

Our Products

Every piece of furniture we sell is made of solid wood (no veneers) and is handmade by an individual craftsman.

We believe that some of the most beautiful furniture is the simplest in design, so much of what we sell is basic and functional. Ask any experienced furniture maker how to tell the difference between a master and a beginner–even an intermediate–woodworker, and we bet they’ll tell you: grain selection.

Grain selection makes or breaks a piece of furniture, simple as that. We only work with experienced woodworkers who know the difference between good and bad grain –something that industrial operations can’t easily account for.

We also stay away from overly ornate leg designs. We believe they have a distinctly manufactured look and feel, which can detract from the authenticity of a piece of furniture. Instead, we occasionally feature limited runs of original leg designs created by the artists we partner with.