How to Attach Table Legs

One of the most common questions that arises when building a new table is How do I attach the legs of the table to the top? It’s a crucial question to answer before beginning a project because it affects the design, strength, and complexity of the table. To reduce some of this stress, we’ve compiled information on table leg joinery methods that suit all skill levels that you can use or (easily adapt) to fit your exact design aesthetic.

Lumber Buying Guide

Your first trip to the lumber yard can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you’ve ever been around a woodshop for a day, you know that woodworking is a language all its own. The same is true for lumber yards: not knowing the correct terminology can make a stressful trip that much more overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s only a small set of terms you need to learn in order to look like an old pro during your first visit to the lumber yard.

Designing with the Grain

Furniture design is subjective, which means that it can be difficult to find sound advice about how to get better. But there is one area in wooden furniture design that we see neglected way too often — it’s one of the easiest ways to spot if a piece has been made by an amateur or a master. Once you understand it, it will quickly become a permanent tool to improve the quality of the furniture that you build.

How to Choose a Wood Species for Your Project

When designing furniture, wood species selection is as important to the design as the blueprints. Beginner makers often start their woodworking journeys by imitating the designs of others. While this is a great way to get started in the craft, many people fall into the trap of selecting a wood species that’s different than the wood used in the originals they seek to emulate.

Sanding Basics

Sanding is one of those necessarily evils of woodworking. It might not offer the same immediate gratification as fitting a perfect dovetail, but there is hardly a more important step in the finishing process. For many people it can be tempting to rush through sanding, to slap on a finish, and to be done with a piece. We’ve all been there — and some of us might even have been lucky enough to have a solid finished product.

How to Choose the Best Wood Finish

For many woodworkers and DIYers, finishing is often the most dreaded step of a furniture project. A lot of the information available on this topic is conflicting or overly complex, so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect finish for any woodworking project. To keep things simple, we focus only on finishes for indoor furniture.

Safe Finishes

The general consensus among finishing experts is that any wood finish is safe once it’s fully cured. Depending on the finish you use, it could be weeks to month before it is ready for use. For people who prefer not to wait, or who would prefer to use a more natural product, here is a list of food-safe finishes to try.

Sizing Your Dining Table

In addition to wood species and grain selection, a furniture’s proportions have the largest impact on its overall design. Unlike wood species and grain selection, proportionality influences how furniture functions. The first thing to consider when designing a new dining table is that it functions as intended.